Wednesday, October 29, 2014

MTR #3 - Orange Sweet Potato Loaf (Bread Machine)

I have been baking orange-coloured breads 4 days in a week, that is considered quite a feat considering I hardly ever repeat a bread more than once. On 23 Oct (Thurs), I baked this orange sweet potato bread in my Primo bread machine, it was my first attempt and it rose so high that I nearly got a heart attack watching it rise through the window of my BM! This foto above was taken when there was still 15 min left. I decided to err on the safe side, and I quickly transferred the bread tin to the oven to continue baking at 180C so as to brown the top. 

In the end, the top crust became wrinkly due to exposure to cold air. Neverthless I was very happy with the results. I have achieved a very soft and fluffy high-hydration sweet potato loaf using the straight dough method, without the use of any dough starters. Can you see how soft it was? 

Crumb shot of my 1st attempt of Sweet Potato BM Loaf. 

3 days later on 26 Oct (Sun), I decided to do a 2nd attempt of my Orange Sweet Potato BM Loaf after doing some fine-tuning on the recipe. This time round, I decided to reduce the amount of yeast from to 2.5 tsp so that the loaf do not rise too high and I could bake it in the BM from start to end. Thanks to my meticulous calculation, I managed to get another tall and fluffy loaf without hitting the top of my BM! Here I am showing you the step-by-step pictures of what happened in my BM. (It is an exception rather than a norm, as I usually do not take step-by-step pictures. )